Kicks off March 22-24 Durham, NC

Guest Of Honor: Timothy Zahn


Dining out with the 4 Horsemen

For those of you that have read a lot of the 4 Horsemen Universe (4HU), you will recognize a few names. There is a reason for this, FantaSci will be holding the first ever 4HU Dining Out. This exciting event will take place Saturday evening from 1800 to 2100. Not only do you get an exciting dinner with Chris Kennedy and Mark Wandrey and multiple 4HU Authors, but the exclusive FantaSci/4HU Challenge Coin. This event will an additional fee to the 3-day pass. They will be available soon on our Eventbrite page. Simply click on book now when we announce they are available. The Dining Out will be limited to 75 participants, so stay tuned for the announcement.

Dining Out with the Four Horsemen Tickets: $ 40.00 on Eventbrite now!


At The Door Prices

Friday: $25.00

Saturday: $40.00

Sunday: $20.00

Three Day Pass: $70.00


Dining out with the 4HU: 40.00
(Limit 75)

Author Meet-n-Greet: $50.00
(Limit 10)

Buy tickets by clicking the link!

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