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FantaSci is committed to filling our Dealers Room with the most exciting vendors we can find while balancing the vendors in the room, to ensure that we have a variety of item types, and price ranges, to benefit both you and our attendees. We’re looking for those who have unique and interesting wares, along with familiar and fun things for our collectors, from the oldest to the youngest attendees, so we can provide our guests with a delightful shopping experience. We’d especially love to see products supporting this year’s fantasy theme “Here Be Dragons!”.

The Basics

Please read through this page in full before submitting a vendor application.

You will be required to verify that you have read and agree to the convention’s vendors’ terms and conditions upon submission.

Our Dealer’s Room is not filled on a  “first-come-first-served” basis. Vending one year does not guarantee a table the next.

All vendors have a chance to get into our room!

All submitted applications are reviewed. Vendors will be notified via email if they are accepted or waitlisted.

Once invoiced, you have 30 days to pay. Payments may be made via our PayPal cart or by check. 

Space Information

  • The price for one 6ft x 6ft space is $100.00. 
  • The price for a second 6ft x 6ft space is an additional $75.00.
  • The price for a third 6ft x 6ft space is an additional $75.00.
  • Your space is not confirmed until we receive your payment in full.
  • Each 6 x 6 space includes a 6-foot by 30-inch table, two chairs, one (1) weekend dealer’s badge, a listing on the FantaSci website with a link to your web or Facebook page, and your business name on the Dealers page in the program. Your space is not confirmed until we receive your payment in full.
  • Additional Badges: Additional dealers’ badges may be purchased for $25.00 at the time of invoicing or at the convention. Note: Dealers’ badges are for those individuals working in the Dealers’ Room ONLY. Each purchased badge must have a name associated with the badge at the time of purchase.
  • Additional Advertising: Your business description and logo provided will be published in the program if there is room. You may purchase additional advertising space in the program if you wish. Please contact the Dealer Room Coordinator for pricing options.
  • Electrical Access: We run extension cords to various locations around the room so that there is limited access to power. Please indicate on your application if you need access to electricity.
  • Wi-Fi: The hotel provides wi-fi to all attendees and throughout the convention space. You are welcome to use the hotel-provided wi-fi or to bring your own hotspot.

Room Operation Guidelines

  • There will be no hawking of wares, music that expands beyond your booth, or generally adding to the already normally noisy environment.
  • Do not expand beyond your marked space, which includes access areas, aisles, and your neighbor’s space. The aisles are designed to allow two electric wheelchairs to pass.
  • Do not sit in or store your belongings in the access aisle. If you need to walk in the access aisle, please be careful of the electrical wires and plugs.
  • Be prepared to leave the dealers’ room within forty-five minutes of closing time on Friday and Saturday evenings. The doors will be shut 45 minutes after the posted close times.
  • On Saturday and Sunday, vendors will have access to the room one hour prior to the posted hours.
  • Breakdown and load-out through the back of the dealers’ room can begin as early as 2:00 PM on Sunday but the room will remain open to the convention until 4:00 PM.
  • If you need to be out of the room prior to 2 PM on Sunday, please arrange with the Dealers Room Coordinator to break down Saturday evening after 6 PM.
  • Please put all trash in the cans provided.

Load In & Load Out Guidelines

Load In (Friday – 7 AM till 2 PM)

  • All vendors must be present at least an hour prior to the opening of the dealers’ room, and their booth must be complete prior to the room opening. Loading in and setting up when the dealers’ room is open causes disruptions and may impact sales for other vendors. Unless prior arrangements are made, load-in, when the room is open, will not be permitted. Arrivals after the dealers’ room has opened Friday will be allowed to load in after the dealer’s room closes from 8 PM – 10 PM and Saturday morning from 8 AM to 10 AM. Vendors who have not arrived by 3 PM on Friday or reached out to the Dealers’ Room Coordinator by 3 PM on Friday will forfeit their space and will not be given a refund. The Dealers’ Room Coordinator has the option to offer the forfeited space to a vendor on the waitlist for Saturday/Sunday.
  • Vendors are expected to be able to load in their merchandise and booth materials on their own and in the time frame outlined below. The convention cannot guarantee that volunteers will be available to assist. Vendors can make their own arrangements for load-in/out assistance.
  • The Dealers’ Room will be open for load-in from 7 AM to 2 PM on Friday (3/24/23). The Dealers’ Room will be open from 8 PM to 10 PM on Friday (3/24/23) for load-in. Vendors may continue to set up their booth until the room opens at 3 PM.
  • To ensure everyone’s safety, and the security of merchandise and cash boxes, only those with a Dealer’s Room or Senior Staff badge will be allowed in the Dealer’s Room during Load In, Load Out, or before/after our posted open hours.

Load Out

  • Vendors must be out of the Dealers’ Room by no later than 4 PM on Sunday (3/26/23).
  • Vendors are asked to please pick up their trash (including zip ties) and place it in or near the trash cans provided.
  • Vendors are expected to be able to load out their merchandise/ booth materials on their own and in the specified time frame. The convention cannot guarantee that volunteers will be available to assist. Vendors can make their own arrangements for load-out assistance.


  • Please let the FantaSci Dealers’ Room Coordinator as soon as possible if you need to cancel your space.
  • Tables are fully refundable until December 31st and Non-Transferrable.
  • If we are able to fill your canceled space, then you will be issued a refund. HOWEVER, if we are unable to fill your space, then you will not be issued a refund.
  • Advertising can be refunded if the program deadline has not passed. 
  • Vendor Booths and Dealers badges are not transferable by the vendor. ONLY the Dealer Coordinator can make that decision.
  • Refunds will not be issued because a vendor does not like the FantaSci staff, attendees, other vendors, or did not make a profit.

Dealers’ Room Coordinator Contact Information

Please refer questions, complaints, and comments to the Dealers’ Room Coordinator.

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