Sharon Rice-Weber has the patience of a saint. Maybe a saint with just a tad of a temper, but still a saint. How do I know? I get to wake up every morning, despite the puns.
Seriously, the Dark Lady of Manticore needs no introduction to fandom, and I understand exactly why so many fandom friends love her.
I do, too, you see. And have for going on thirty-three years years.
I first met the cute redhead when I walked into a $1,000,000 Waldenbooks store in Greenville, SC, in 1990. I was looking at the science fiction section — in my black vest, bushy black beard, black braid, black jeans, black leather cap, black biker boots, and black leather jacket. She told me later she hadn’t realized people who obviously couldn’t read were allowed in bookstores. But she drew a deep breath and sallied over to make recommendations. “I’ve read that one.” “What about this one?” “Yup.” “This one?”
“Yeah. “This —?” “Don’t like that author.” “Hmmmmm . . . .”
As she was casting about for something else to suggest, I cleared my throat and said, “I’ve written a book, you know.”
Politely incredulous look.
Couple of days later, I brought her the manuscript of Insurrection, and she realized I really had. Brought her the manuscripts of Mutineers’ Moon (she still hasn’t forgiven me for killing Sean) and Apocalypse Troll.
Then came the long-awaited day when Insurrection shipped, and I got a call from her. “David! Your book came in today, and we’ve already sold half of them!” “That’s great!” Pause. “Should I save the other one for you?”
How could I not love her, even if it took me a while (running scared from a bad marriage) to admit it to myself? As she says, I can be a bit slow, sometimes.
But the thing is, this bio is by way of a love letter from me. To the mother of my children; the person who keeps my life, my schedule, and my world straight; the rock I lean on when I need a shoulder; and the strongest, most indomitable person I know.
Like I say, I understand why fandom loves her. If you get the chance, spend a little time with her.
Trust me, it will be time well spent.

Author: David Weber

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