Weapons Policy

Any weapons infractions will be dealt with in a serious manner, including expulsion from the convention, banning the individual(s) from the convention forever, or calling the local authorities.

Absolutely NO REAL Projectile Weapons will be allowed! No Hand Guns, Rifles, Shotguns, M-16’s, Uzi’s or Crossbows!

No Realistic Looking Projectile Weapons will be allowed for Costuming unless:

  • The Weapon is first checked by our Security.
  • The Weapon has been marked acceptable by our Security
  • The Weapon is holstered or Strapped and then Peace Bonded in place.

If the Weapon is clearly identifiable as a Toy Weapon it does not need to follow the above rules. Otherwise, a Water Pistol (for you Harry Dresden fans) is allowable.

Swords and Knives will be allowed for Costumes. They must be in their sheathes at all times and Peace Bonded by our Security. They must not be drawn in a public place. If you want to show your weapon to a friend, please take it to your room.

Please be careful with all other potential weapons that may be part of your costumes.

The Convention reserves the right to request you leave the con if you break any of the above rules.