Vendor Payment Policy

Welcome to the FantaSci Dealer’s Room! We strive to create a fair and inclusive environment for all vendors, so please note that our space allocation process is not on a “first-come-first-served” basis. This means that vending one year does not guarantee a table the next – all vendors have an equal chance of securing a spot in our room. All submitted applications are thoroughly reviewed, and vendors will be notified via email if they are accepted or waitlisted.

Each 6 x 6 space includes a 6-foot by 30-inch table, two chairs, one (1) weekend dealer’s badge, a listing on the FantaSci website with a link to your web or Facebook page, and your business name on the Dealers page in the program. However, please note that your space is not confirmed until we receive your payment in full, which must be made within 30 days of invoicing. Payments can be made via our PayPal cart or by check.

Additional dealer badges may be purchased for $25.00 at the time of invoicing or at the convention, but please note that these badges are only for individuals working in the Dealers’ Room. Each purchased badge must have a name associated with it at the time of purchase.

If you wish to purchase additional advertising space in the program, please contact our Dealer Room Coordinator for pricing options. Your business description and logo provided will be published in the program if there is room.

We understand that access to electricity is crucial for many vendors, and we run extension cords to various locations around the room to provide limited access to power. Please indicate on your application if you need access to electricity. Additionally, the hotel provides Wi-Fi to all attendees and throughout the convention space, so you are welcome to use the hotel-provided Wi-Fi or bring your own hotspot.

Vendor Room Operations Guidelines

We want to make sure that our Dealers Room is a comfortable and accessible environment for all attendees. To achieve this, we have some guidelines that all vendors must follow. Firstly, we do not allow any loud music or hawking of wares beyond your booth to prevent any disruptions to your neighbors or attendees. Secondly, please remain within your marked space, including access areas and aisles, which are designed to allow for two electric wheelchairs to pass through. Do not store any belongings or sit in the access aisle as it may cause damage to electrical wires and plugs. Additionally, vendors must be ready to leave the Dealers Room within forty-five minutes of closing time on Friday and Saturday evenings. On Saturday and Sunday, vendors will have access to the room one hour prior to the posted hours. Breakdown and load-out can begin as early as 2:00 PM on Sunday, but the room will remain open to the convention until 4:00 PM. If you need to leave early, please arrange with the Dealers Room Coordinator to break down on Saturday evening after 6 PM. Lastly, please dispose of all trash in the cans provided.

Load In

All vendors are required to arrive at least an hour before the opening of the dealers’ room and have their booth set up completely before the room opens. Loading in or setting up when the dealers’ room is open causes disruptions and may negatively impact sales for other vendors. Vendors who arrive after the dealers’ room has opened on Friday will be allowed to load in during specific time frames, either from 8 PM to 10 PM on Friday or 8 AM to 10 AM on Saturday. However, vendors who have not arrived or contacted the Dealers’ Room Coordinator by 3 PM on Friday will forfeit their space and will not receive a refund. The Coordinator may offer the space to a vendor on the waitlist for Saturday/Sunday. Vendors are responsible for loading and unloading their merchandise and booth materials within the designated time frames. Only those with a Dealer’s Room or Senior Staff badge will be allowed in the dealer’s room during Load In, Load Out, or before/after the posted open hours to ensure everyone’s safety and the security of merchandise and cash boxes.

Load Out

Vendors must vacate the Dealers’ Room no later than 4 PM on Sunday (3/26/23). Before leaving, vendors are kindly requested to pick up their trash, including any zip ties, and dispose of it in or near the trash cans provided. Vendors are responsible for loading out their merchandise and booth materials on their own, within the specified time frame. The convention does not guarantee the availability of volunteers to assist with load-out, so vendors should make their own arrangements if they need assistance. It’s important to note that the Dealers Room Coordinator will not be able to extend load-out times, so vendors should plan accordingly. Failure to comply with load-out times may result in penalties or future disqualification from participating in the Dealer’s Room.