Light Saber Combat: an expanding universe.
There is a lot of agitation at the moment about the “blade of light”, the iconic instrument that we built our sport – known as LudoSport – around some thirteen years ago now. LudoSport: an original, full fencing form where the predominant elements are the technical movements and strikes with light contact, within a common, structured, definite language, so that each athlete knows the same “term” and can communicate with others in an enjoyable, satisfactory way. To do this, protections are reduced to the minimum essential ones to allow maximum freedom of movement, and technique is more important than physical prowess. The teaching structure offers different content in a progression of complexity and content that even provides for combat using different weapons (single saber, dual saber, saberstaff) held by the pupils from different countries around the world in the relative national and international competitions.

To attend these sessions, you will need to have a “blade of light” and a pair of padded gloves (as hand hits do happen and can hurt). Each session will be one hour in duration and limited 10 a maximum of 10 attendees. To signup for a session, please email: [email protected] with your name, the session you would like to attend and your email / phone number. I will keep a list and I will let people know at least two weeks before the convention if they got into one of the sessions. If the demand is extremely high, other sessions may be made available, depending on schedules of events and my availability.