Born and raised in Texas, I joined the Army at seventeen and served in the 82nd Airborne. I went to College but got no degree. I worked as a construction worker, cook, cashier, care giver, and other jobs. I was not very good at any of them. 

Then, Eric Flint let me play in his 1632 universe. That led to our collaboration with Eric on the creation of other universes; The Rift World, The Queen of the Sea world, the Angel Named Peterbilt world. There were also the universes, Paula and I created, Starwings universe, the WarSpell multiverse, the Oops reality TV universe, and so on. 

Turns out what I am good at is creating worlds and telling stories in them. So now I live in East Chicago in a leaky old house and write books. Some are placed in the 1632 universe, and others in other places.   

I like creating stuff. It takes me out of myself as much as watching the tube or playing games but when I’m done there is something new and good in the world and that feels good. 

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