Ticket Rollovers Are No Longer Available

FantaSci Family,

I must sadly announce that due to circumstances beyond his control, Eric Flint will not be able to attend FantaSci 2022. Since we are so close to FantaSci 2022, the ConCom has decided to keep Mr. Flint as FantaSci 2022 Guest of Honor in Absentia.

Thanks to the willingness of our Lifetime Guests Mark Wandrey and Chris Kennedy, we have been able to cover any gaps in programming.

Eric’s absence will surely be felt, but we will hopefully have him at a future FantaSci.

I personally apologize to any attendees who were coming to see Eric. The FantaSci staff and I will strive to ensure you still have an awesome time at FantaSci 2022.

Joel Lyons

FantaSci ConChair

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